Fit Couple Goals is a community based on Strong Bodies & Strong Relationships™, and we believe “goals” are more than just lean bodies on social media. Mindset, commitment, respect, dedication and passion are vital for both your physical health and your relationship with your significant other (and yourself!). If you want to build and grow with your #1 teammate, we’re excited to have you here.

Becoming a power couple is about supporting each other’s dreams and ambitions.

Studies show that individuals have a greater chance of success in achieving goals when supported by those around them – especially their significant other.

Whether you met in the gym or are beginning your fitness journey together, we are here to inspire and support you along the way.

P.S. If you’ve yet to find your swole-mate, stick around! The advice and information you’ll find will help your develop a solid relationship in the future right from the start – and will help your commitment to your own goals and ambitions right now!

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Shayla is a website developer, designer, and social media marketer. She has journeyed through many avenues and stages of fitness – from sports, to running, to at-home workouts, then to weight lifting. Her passion is sharing insight into life’s complexities and struggles through writing.


Chris is an IFBB Pro, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist and business entrepreneur. Chris has over twelve years of experience teaching, competing, and training. His extensive sports and fitness background has laid the foundation for him to be an example of what hard work, dedication, and focus can achieve. He coaches clients worldwide on mcgowanfitness.com and is a personal trainer for local clients in New York.


We met in New York, where Shayla was working as a teller at the bank next to Chris’ apartment. About five surprise coffees later (coffee is key, guys), we finally went on our first date.  Shay had salmon and salad and rolls and potatoes; Chris ordered chicken fingers; and *insert corny line about the rest being history*.


We have a Pomeranian fluff-ball daughter, never skip leg day, encourage each other to change our bad-sleeping habits (and then start a new Netflix show at midnight), and laugh more than anything else.


We’re so excited to grow along side you!